QIVP Educational Grants

QIVP is now offering educational grants for interns, community members, sojourners, and anyone else with a plan to further QIVP’s purpose and five objectives..

Program Goal: The goal of the educational grants program is to support individuals and groups who are advancing QIVP goals.

How to Apply: We welcome applications for any proposal that clearly furthers QIVP’s purpose and objectives. The applicant should write a letter explaining how his/her proposal supports achieving QIVP goals, what expenses the project will incur, and for what portion of these expenses the applicant is requesting that the QIVP grant cover.

Examples of Activities That Might Be Funded:

  • A sojourn at a Quaker Intentional Village (QIV) by an individual or group with the purpose of learning about our way of living
  • A visit to a non-Quaker community to learn about community living as it may apply to QIVP
  • Participation in training for straw-bale building or other alternative building techniques, to be a model within a QIV or to have a QIV model for other villages
  • Participation in a conference on deepening spirituality through community
  • An internship in an intentional community (stipend)

When to Apply: We have a rolling application process. We review applications as received and give a response as soon as we are able to call a QIVP meeting and make a decision.

Anticipated Grant Size: We anticipate that grants will range from $250 to $500. We expect that the applicant will fund some portion of his/her proposal from other sources.

Reporting Requirement: All grants require a report to QIVP within a specified time from the conclusion of the project activity.

We look forward to hearing from some of you in regard to this new endeavor!  Any questions or grant applications should be sent to info@qivp.org or mailed to QIVC, 235 Bradley's Crossing Road, East Chatham, NY 12060