Frequently Asked Questions: QIVP

What is QIVP? 
The Quaker Intentional Village Project is a network of Quakers and others who are interested in creating and living in a new kind of community. QIVP is a 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of fostering communication and cooperation among people interested in forming communities in keeping with the five intentions (see below).

What is the overall goal of QIVP? 
QIVP seeks to provide a way for us to live a more God-centered life. We believe that community is the best means to achieve our intentions, which are: to increase the spiritual focus of our lives, to strengthen our family life, to find alternatives to the consumer society, to live in environmentally sound ways, and to include a good measure of joy, fun, outreach, and service in our lives as we strive to meet these intentions. We hope that the communities we are establishing in Canaan, New York and Finland, Minnesota can serve as catalysts to help others who share our goals.

How did the project get started? 
Beginning in 1993, a group within Wilton Monthly Meeting (CT) met regularly to discuss community building. Finding that many Friends were interested in living in intentional community, Jens and Spee Braun broadened the discussions to Friends at the New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) level and were encouraged to move forward. They and a small group of other friends established a newsletter in 1999 and began regular meetings of the Quaker Intentional Village Project in 2000. In August 2000 they moved ahead on establishing the first QIVP village (now QIV-C) purchasing 135 acres in Canaan, NY. This location was chosen for its proximity to NYYM's conference and retreat center, Powell House, so that we might support each other's mission. However, there is no formal connection between QIVP or QIV-C and either Powell House or New York Yearly Meeting. In 2004, Many Rivers Community in Finland, MN joined QIVP as its second member community.

Do I have to be a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) to join the project? 
There is no requirement that those involved in QIVP be members of the Religious Society of Friends. However, they must embrace the stated purpose and intentions of the project and be willing to be part of the Friends' decision-making process.

What sort of governance structure does QIVP have? 
The QIVP Board of Directors meets annually and conducts its business in the manner of the Religious Society of Friends (by seeking the sense of the meeting or seeking unity). Decisions are made by those attending the meetings, but there must be a quorum for a meeting to be held.

How does a community become part of QIVP?
The process by which an intentional community becomes a member village of the Quaker Intentional Village Project has not been formalized, but will be in the manner of Friends, using clearness and coming to unity. 

How can I get more information? How can I get involved?
If you wish to find out more, we encourage you to call Spee Braun at 518-392-0891 or email us at  We ask supporters to contribute a recommended minimum of $20 per year per household, which helps cover communications and outreach. Our address is 235 Bradley's Crossing Road, East Chatham, NY 12060.

How can I contribute money to QIVP?  Is it tax deductible?
Please learn more about donating to QIVP, and tax exemption of contributions.