How to Participate/Levels of Commitment--QIVP

The Quaker Intentional Village Project (QIVP) is a network of Quakers and others who are interested in creating and living in a new kind of community. QIVP is a 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of fostering communication and cooperation among people interested in forming communities in keeping with the five guiding intentions (see the QIVP page). We welcome participation at various levels--you don't have to be planning to join a specific community to be part of the Quaker Intentional Village Project.

The Quaker Intentional Village Project--Canaan (QIV-C) is the first QIVP member village.  (More about participating in QIV-C)

If you're interested in our stated intentions and the idea of Quaker intentional villages, consider becoming a supporter and receiving our newsletter two to three times a year. Supporters are those who are interested in the project. Supporters contribute a recommended minimum of $20 per year per household which helps cover communications and outreach.

If you want to help with the work of one of our communities as it gets started, but are not sure about joining as a resident, or know you can't join for a few years, the attender level might be right for you. Attenders contribute a minimum of $50 per year per household to the community in which they are interested. This amount covers subscription to the QIVP newsletter and other communications (currently $20 annually), with the remainder going toward expenses associated with establishing and maintaining that community.

And if you feel that a Quaker Intentional Village is the right community for you, inquire about that community's membership process.

For more information, e-mail