Donate to QIVP

The Quaker Intentional Village Project (QIVP) welcomes financial contributions to support our goal of fostering communication and cooperation among people interested in creating and living in a new kind of community.

You likely can claim your contribution as a tax-deductible donation, as QIVP is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.


Why should you donate?

- Contributions are QIVP's only source of income.

- The funds help us reach out to people through a number of media to tell them about a way of living that is more deeply spiritual, healthier for people and our planet, meaningful, and joyful.

- The funds make it possible for QIVP to allocate small grants to individuals who want to do research, get hands-on experience, or otherwise gain new knowledge, skills, and understanding to share with QIVP and other communities.

For more information, e-mail