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The Quaker Intentional Village Project (QIVP) welcomes financial contributions to support our goal of fostering communication and cooperation among people interested in creating and living in a new kind of community.

Support QIVP's Educational Grants (gifts are tax-exempt)

Although small in size, QIVP Educational Grants have allowed terrific things to happen over the past 20 years, including:
- 8 people trained in Quaker clerking
- 3 people trained in managing conflict and building cohesion in intentional community
- expertise on Aging in Community brought in
- expertise on Non-Violent Communication brought in
- 1 person trained in Insight Dialogue
- 4 people trained in Alternatives to Violence
- 1 student participated in CoCycle, bicycling in a group across the U.S. to visit cooperatives, hone their own cooperative skills, reimagine the country they were about to inherit, and, along the way, discover themselves

More information on educational grants!



You likely can claim your contribution as a tax-deductible donation, as QIVP is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.


Why should you donate?

- Contributions are QIVP's only source of income.

- The funds help us reach out to people through a number of media to tell them about a way of living that is more deeply spiritual, healthier for people and our planet, meaningful, and joyful.

- The funds make it possible for QIVP to allocate small grants to individuals who want to do research, get hands-on experience, or otherwise gain new knowledge, skills, and understanding to share with QIVP and other communities.

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Also want to donate to Quaker Intention Village – Canaan? (QIVC in East Chatham/Canaan, NY) (not tax-exempt)