Policies and procedures

Documents that have been approved as guides for action by the body/community

Quaker Intentional Village-Canaan Member Agreement
Approved 9/17/13, revised 3/15/14, revised 6/25/2017, revised 4/27/19

The following are agreements that we expect all members to honor in their relationship to QIVC.

A. We agree to the following financial agreements:

For Homeowner Members:

Setting and paying the amount of the required membership loan: When homeowner membership begins, homeowner members agree to make a membership loan to QIVC equal to $30 per square foot of the home they are buying or building.

QIVP is now offering educational grants for interns, community members, sojourners, and anyone else with a plan to further QIVP’s purpose and five objectives..

Program Goal: The goal of the educational grants program is to support individuals and groups who are advancing QIVP goals.

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