Our Newsletter: Bridging the Gap

Our latest newsletter!

QIVP publishes a newsletter two to three times per year to let people know what the member communities are up to. Newsletters include minutes from planning meetings as well as articles and ideas from people involved in QIVP. To receive the newsletter electronically, e-mail info@qivp.org. To receive the newsletter in print, become a QIVP Supporter ($20/year requested per household). For a sample issue, e-mail info@qivp .org.

The mission of the newsletter is:

  • To communicate with interested people about our project: our goals, progress, and ideals, and the news from member communities
  • To be a visible model that others might want to follow: to share what we're learning and feeling, and provoke thought and discussion about how we're living vs. the kind of life we're striving for.
  • To link people interested in QIVP's overall purpose with resources and organizations they might find helpful.