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What are we doing to improve our care of the earth? 
How are we living more lightly on this earth?

October, 2011  (Fourth Intention updated 2013)


We are often asked about the financial side of becoming a member of QIV-C.  Here is how it works, in brief.  We know that finances are often tight, and so we try to be flexible if possible while still meeting the needs of both members and the community as a whole. 

How much does it cost to join QIV-C and live here?

For homeowner members:

Renovation of East House, 2001

East House from the north

Our land is on a well-maintained gravel road, with very little traffic and a small number of other houses, just outside the hamlet of East Chatham in the township of Canaan, New York.  Located in Columbia County, we are 35 minutes from Albany and Hudson, minutes from the Berkshires of Massachusetts, and 2.5 hours from both Boston and New York City.


1993-1995: "Community Building" discussion group at Wilton Montly Meeting in Connecticut

Dec. 1998: Spee and Jens Braun begin occasional visits to intentional communities around the US

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