Getting Involved in QIV-C

If you're interested in the Quaker Intentional Village-Canaan, our Web site has lots of information you'll find useful:


Ways to get involved with our community:

  • First of all, get to know us, and let us get to know you.  Come to visit, ask us questions, tell us what you are looking for and what is in your way.  Participate in the life of the community to see if it is a good match.  You may find that you'd like to continue your relationship with QIV-C in one of these ways:

  • Receive our newsletter electronically (published once or twice a year): e-mail your request to

  • Become a supporter: Supporters are people who are interested in the Quaker Intentional Village Project, or a particular intentional village, but who do not expect to become members of any specific community. We ask supporters to contribute a recommended minimum of $20 per year per household to QIVP, which helps cover QIVP communications and outreach efforts (like our newsletter and promotional materials for conferences and events).

  • Attend our potlucks and monthly business meetings: Before attending a QIV-C business meeting for the first time, please contact Spee Braun at 518-392-0891 for the "catch-up" conversation we've discovered people need to have before jumping in! (9 am to 9 pm please)  We're sure you'll have questions about what we've done so far and why, and it will be less confusing for you and more efficient for us to answer them before you attend a meeting. 

  • Become an attender: Attenders are people who are very interested in QIV-C and in contributing their time and skills. Attenders are invited to participate regularly in meetings and events (geographic proximity permitting) and are part of our decision-making process. People become attenders on their way to applying for membership.  We ask attenders to contribute a minimum of $50 per year per household to QIV-C. This amount includes a $20 contribution to QIVP; and the remainder goes toward QIV-C expenses.

  • Become a prospective member: Prospective members are people who want to become a part of our residential community in the relatively near future. Prospective members are expected to participate in meetings regularly and be involved in decision-making.  Attenders become prospective members by sending QIV-C a letter stating their desire for membership.  (See Steps in Membership for what happens after that.)  We ask prospective members to contribute a minimum of $20 per year per household to QIVP.